Manipura Gold.png

Chakra: Solar Plexus/Manipura

Element: Fire

Color: Yellow

Sound: RAM

Location: Between navel and lower chest

Endocrine Gland: Pancreas

Aspect: Power/Confidence/Will

It’s been a minute but we are finally back to our chakra blog series! Next on deck is the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Located in the center of our physical body the Solar Plexus Chakra is the energetic center of our will or power. Ever had someone say something about you that you perceive as negative and you feel like they just punched you in the gut? That’s your solar plexus chakra. 

It’s so important to have healthy balance in this energy center because when it’s vibing we have great confidence and inner drive but when it’s blocked we can become self-conscious and stagnant. Alternatively when solar plexus energy becomes too excessive we can get into an ego based space where we are susceptible to addictions and unhealthy attachments.

What actions can you take to help balance your solar plexus? To help us answer this we’ve asked our friend and muse Lauren J. Williams to answer a few questions related to this energy center.

 (Tara, Founder, THARA SACRA)

Self-confidence is such a huge thing especially for young women. What tips do you have for maintaining a healthy self-confidence?

Self-confidence is indeed a very important thing for young women! In an effort to maintain a high level of self-confidence I make sure to follow a self-care regimen specifically designed to fit my emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. Yoga, which I consider to be a form of movement medicine, allows me to center myself with my breath and check in with my mind, body, and spirit all at once. Maintaining my morning ritual of meditating, having a hot cup of tea, and journaling allows me to clear out in thoughts that may clutter my mind so that I may tune into my higher self more clearly. Establishing this connection with my higher self helps me to reach a high frequency in which self-confidence vibrantly lives. Carrying citrine throughout the day close to my solar plexus also helps a lot!


When our Solar Plexus is balanced we are able to have healthy boundaries and a clear sense of self. How do you maintain healthy boundaries in your life?

I maintain healthy boundaries and a clear sense of self by speaking up for myself. Being aware of what makes us uncomfortable in our relationships with ourselves and with other people allows us to establish these boundaries better. I know that if I am coming from a place of love and respect, the people who truly value my presence will honor those boundaries. I listen deeply to my intuition, and I trust my gut to help me maneuver life events and relationships. I allow myself to let go of thoughts, emotions, and relationships that do not benefit my personal growth. When I honor my own boundaries through the awareness of self, others follow suit.

When we are unbalanced in the solar plexus it can be difficult to maintain healthy emotional responses which can cause emotional burn out. When you are faced with fiery emotions like anger, how do you work with that energy so you can transmute it into positive energy?

Growing up as a young Aries I always had extreme anger issues! I often struggled with being so emotionally drained that I would simply stop talking for days. I find that breathing exercises, particularly alternate nostril breathing, helps to soothe my nervous system. Whenever I find myself overwhelmed with anger taking a nice hot shower always seems to do the trick! It's almost as if water literally puts the fire out. Then, I like to sit in yoga postures for 3 to 5 minutes to help ease the anger and tension out of my body.


How does yoga/meditation help clear excess solar plexus energy?

Yoga/meditation can aid in activating our personal power. When our solar plexus is in alignment we may find that we are moving through the world a bit more easily, and that we are more harmonious with our surroundings. Channeling this fire and putting it into positive use helps to radiate confidence.

What are a few yoga poses that help clearing blocks in the solar plexus?

A few yoga poses that  help to clear blocks in the solar plexus and the digestive system are: navasana (boat pose) which allows us to experience our internal fire and push past perceived limitations by stabilizing our minds to endure the intensity of this pose, parsvottanasa (revolved triangle) helps us to clear out negative energy through the action of twisting which clears out our digestive system, and dhanurasana (bow pose) allows the blood to flow to the region of the abdomen and also stimulates the digestive system.


Solar plexus energy is all about inner drive and manifesting your power into the universe. What are your dreams and what are you currently working on manifesting into this life?

My biggest dream is to be a mindful community oriented Detroit business owner, to travel the world teaching yoga, to have a daughter one day, and to spread awareness about the benefits of mindfulness to help reverse the effects of trauma within our community. Currently I am working to manifest abundance! Ever since I began focusing my meditations on abundance I have already made it through to the final round of my very first grant competition I have entered on my own. I think the meditations may be working!

We think so too Lauren!  

Find Lauren spreading her joy and mindfulness at The Collective True North and through her non-profit The Mindful Tribe Detroit. For help with working with solar plexus energy try our EMPOWER Chakra Oil. To learn more about chakras visit our additional blogs in this series here.