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customer/owner Das Atemhaus

Thara Sacra is a sweet release. This essential oil brand takes any practice and turns it into grounded luxury. Delicious and deliberate blends will have you building more practice time into your life than ever before. 



So grateful for these beautiful blends. Powerful without being overpowering, these magical oils are with me daily. No matter what I need, whether it's to ground or rise. Whether I'm on my mat or in the yoga studio, I can truly count on THARA SACRA to deliver a high vibe reminder to be present in the moment. Choosing a favorite is hard, I recommend starting a personal collection!!! Currently rocking Affirm on my pulse points.



product reviewer/owner Ritual Skincare

Your products are BEAUTIFUL! Those aroma blends.... 👌🏻! They’re so good and UNIQUE!




Thara Sacra chakra oils are one of my favorite additions to my yoga practice and meditation. They are such high quality oils and always add something extra to my practice. There’s an oil for every need as well as the most luxurious body/massage oil ever. I can’t wait to try the crown chakra scalp scrub.




I’m actually obsessed with THARA SACRA and her mixes. The Radiate is like my soul balm.




Best smelling oils around. I am instantly at ease when I use the chakra oils. Amazing customer service and you can feel the love they pour into their products!




LOVE! I get so excited to use these oils for massaging temples and allowing students to breathe in their therapeutic benefits after their yoga class! It's such a great additive to end a blissful yoga class with <3 It makes me feel even more confident using this brand because of how much positive feed back I get.

I am a hairstylist as well and am obsessed with the scalp balm. The scent is the perfect balance and super soothing- love using it at night. I give my self a scalp massage along with hydrating my ends with nut oils before bed and sleep with it in. You can tell these oils are of high quality just by how potent the scents are. #obsessed.




This blend is pure magic. As you inhale this olfactory dance you feel your chakras light up from crown to root, instantly intoxicating.




The most gorgeous oil blends ever created. The one called Ground basically got my book published!



Alchemy - customer/stocklist

I LOVE the aroma and texture of the Transcend balm.



Starseed Yoga - customer/stocklist

These aren't just your average oils you'd pass by on a shelf at the store. The healing wisdom behind each blend is what makes THARA SACRA stand out as science that is so beautifully expressed it becomes art. Each bottle immediately delivers a sensory experience that simply cannot be duplicated. If you're seeking the real deal, RADIATE is as on point as you can get. Highly recommended for the oils novice to kitchen whiz bruja.




I have been an essential oil user for many years and these are just wonderful. I use a lot that are very potent but I’ve yet to find ones that engage my sense like yours.




THARA SACRA has incredibly high standards not just for what they put in their products, but for the energetic effect they will have. This goes beyond something that smells good. Their oils will change your whole outlook on life!