THARA SACRA handcrafts small-batch sacred self-care products that help to enhance your physical and energetic beauty. We believe beauty radiates from the inside. Our products are designed to help bring that to light.


(tah-ra sak-ruh)

THARA SACRA was born from a vision of making products that come from the earth and are infused with or help to enhance the energy or prana that flows through every living being.

Thara is a very old Celtic spelling of the name Tara. Pronounced with hard vowels (Tah-rah), the name takes its origins from The Hill of Tara (Teamhair na Rí), the mythological seat of the high kings of Ireland, and the great Hindu goddess Tara who represents the never-ending prana that fuels all life.  Sacra is a Latin word relating to sacred matters.

The use of both these names is a nod to the sacred nature of the earth energies we are working with as we formulate each product.


We seek to work with small, natural,  environmentally conscious, sustainable, organic, and/or wild-crafted sources. 


With a name that pays homage to both Scottish and Indian heritage, the essence of Tara Gangadharan, M.B.A., C.A., is rooted in linking heart and head. Her 20+ years of progressive business experience in both the cosmetics and automotive industries have given her a diverse background ranging from retail to supply chain management.

After completing her formal business degrees, and while living abroad in England, Tara began to follow her passion by immersing herself in academic study of Biomedicine and Naturopathy.  After returning to the United States she attended extensive yoga and personal development training, as well as completed her Aromatherapy Certification at the NAHA approved School for Aromatic Studies with highly respected Aromatherapy educator Jade Shutes.

Her realization of the critical importance of tending to the energetic roots of our health and wellness came after experiencing a major health crisis in her late thirties. Following the deep calling toward sacred arts healing, she found that through focusing on healing her energy, she was helping to heal herself. It was from this place that THARA SACRA was born.

She’s a modern medicine woman with her feet firmly in a traditional vedic ethos
— Monique h, Alchemy